Customer Success Story: Out With the Old, In with the EXPLORE Lite!

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In the world of van life, where freedom and independence reign, tales are often punctuated with unexpected challenges. Meet our client, a seasoned van lifer who’s called her van home since 2018. Seeking to upgrade her outdated electrical system, her goal is simple: to keep herself and her faithful pup cool during scorching summer days.

Introducing the EXPLORE Lite electrical system—a reliable and safe solution poised to keep our client and her furry companion comfortable on their journey.

Upgrades can present challenges; we never know exactly what we’re going to find. Once, we discovered a few strands of wire wrapped around a metal washer, substituting for an actual lug! While this upgrade had a few red flags we were excited to remove, there were no such surprises this time.

The Old System

The system we removed consisted of two AGM batteries, a 4000 watt inverter, busbars for distribution, and a DC fuse panel. Our client had such a lack of trust in the 120V side of her system that she consistently used a GoalZero, even though the inverter was in place. It turns out her lack of trust was valid, as her 120V outlet never worked due to improper wiring.

After shutting down the entire system and ensuring no power flow, we were ready to start removing the old components and wiring.

The New System

One challenge with upgrading a system is finding space for the new components, especially since our client lives full-time in her van. We didn’t want to take up more space than necessary, knowing that space is precious in van life.

With this upgrade, we added a much larger battery bank, consisting of two Battle Born GC3 batteries, totaling 540 Ah of battery capacity. With this increased capacity, we needed to get creative with space. Not only did the batteries take up more room, but the new components were also larger than her old ones.

After some strategic maneuvering of Victron’s blue boxes and twisting batteries in every possible direction, we had a plan in place that effectively utilized the available space.

Out with the Old, In with the EXPLORE Lite

The new EXPLORE Lite system installed in this camper van included the following components:

The upgrade also included the addition of shore power charging, as well as a solar ground deploy array for up to 600 watts of solar.

The batteries were placed outside the main electrical compartment bench and tucked into the back of a storage unit, ensuring ample airflow, while the disconnect switch remained accessible upfront.

The Lynx Distributor, along with a Dual MRBF Fuse holder, allowed us to properly fuse both solar controllers, the DC panel, the Orion 12-12-30, the MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50, and the air conditioning unit. This totaled in six properly fused components, all managed via the Lynx Distributor.

One significant factor that facilitated this upgrade was that our client had labeled leads from behind the wall. Additionally, she had included a removable wall panel where all the wires came together and were visible, which proved very helpful throughout the process.

After installing, wiring together, and grounding all the components, it was time to turn it on and program the system. We allowed our client the honor of turning on their new air conditioning unit first, and it was a joy to see their excitement when they realized they could stay cool this summer while still living in their van! Looks like both the dog and the human will be happy this summer.

In conclusion, the transformation from the old, unreliable electrical system to the advanced EXPLORE Lite setup marks a significant milestone in our client’s van life journey. By addressing the challenges of limited space and outdated components, we were able to provide a comprehensive solution that not only meets our client’s immediate needs but also enhances her overall comfort and convenience.

With the new system in place, our client can now enjoy reliable power, efficient charging options, and the luxury of staying cool during hot summer days—all while maintaining the freedom and flexibility of van life. This project exemplifies the power of innovation and customization in transforming everyday experiences, demonstrating how modern technology can truly enrich and elevate the adventure of living on the road.

As we witness the joy and satisfaction on our client’s face, we are reminded of the profound impact our work can have on people’s lives. It’s not just about installing equipment; it’s about enabling dreams, fostering independence, and empowering individuals to embrace life’s journey with confidence and excitement. We look forward to continuing to support our client and others like her as they embark on new adventures and create lasting memories.


The shop has everything you need for  your DIY camper electrical upgrade, retrofit, or complete system.


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The shop has everything you need for  your DIY camper electrical upgrade, retrofit, or complete system.

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