Best Solar Panels for a DIY Camper Van

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There are 1000’s of different brands and types of solar panels on the market and this list will show you some of the best and most commonly used solar panels that have time-over-time shown good results and durability for installation in mobile applications like camper vans, RVs, truck campers, 5th wheels, and bumper pull campers. These solar panels are mostly similar in quality but vary a bit in size and wattage per square foot. Take a look at the chart and info below to find the solar panel that will best meet the needs of your DIY camper van electrical build.

DIY Camper Van Solar Panels Cheatsheet

The table below shows many different options for camper solar panels with several different important data points for determining which solar panel is right for your setup. Click any of the headings to sort the table by that column and be sure to scroll/swipe left and right to see more values.

BrandWattageLinkLength (in)Width (in)Watts/sqftOpen Circuit VoltageShort Circuit Current
Rich Solar10046.7020.1015.3522.85.78
Rich Solar20058.7026.8018.3124.310.2

Options for DIY Camper Van Solar Panels:


The shop has everything you need for  your DIY camper electrical upgrade, retrofit, or complete system.


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The shop has everything you need for  your DIY camper electrical upgrade, retrofit, or complete system.

10 Responses

  1. Your teaching technique is commendable, and the content delivery is well done. As many in this forum have already said, you do a great job of delivering complex subject matter in an understandable manner.
    You have created, in a previous session, a Solar Charger Controller Calculator which works great. Might you have (or would you consider creating the same type of calculator for wiring size, length, amps, volts, fuse size. It would really help those of us that have difficulty figuring out those piece of the design. Thanks and I hope you will consider creating it if it doesn’t already exist.

  2. Why use 100 W panels and Fill every spot on top of your RV when you can get 300 W panels and have just a few of them?
    Thanks in advance

  3. Have you looked at these TaleSun 400 Watt units? I was considering one of these for my limited space truck camper. Any thoughts?

    1. I haven’t heard of them, but I’m sure they are fine. Ultimately, there are literally 1,000’s of solar panels on the market and 95% of them are adequate.

  4. What are your thoughts about residential panels? Seems like there is incredible value in this market (e.g. 330 Watt panels for $140.00). Two manufactures stand out: Longi and Q Cells.

    1. They are fine. When comparing price, though… be sure to account for shipping. Most of the panels in the $.50 range do not include free shipping; and shipping a panel that size can cost hundreds of dollars.

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