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Our FAQ covers a wide range of common inquiries and provides detailed answers that may address your question:

Our blog is filled with informative articles that delve into various topics related to our products/services:

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We have put considerable effort into creating these resources to assist you in finding the information you seek. By taking a moment to browse through our FAQ, blog, and YouTube channel, you might find an immediate answer or gain valuable insights.

However, if you are unable to locate the information you need or have a specific request, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see how we can best point you in the right direction.

IF YOU HAVE PURCHASED SOMETHING FROM SHOP.EXPLORIST.LIFE and are needing support on that component/kit: Please fill out a support ticket here for fastest priority support:

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I have a question about an order I placed through

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I am looking for 1-on-1 video help, Consulting, or Installation Services


Email-based tech support on components/kits/systems purchased through is always free.

If you’ve purchased from and need tech support; please press the ‘back’ button and select ‘I have a question about an order I placed through’ for best support.

If you need remote video consulting, you can book a time to chat with one of the certified installers and get your questions answered in a 1-on-1 video consulting format. Click here to learn more.

If you need your system installed; we have a network of installers we have trained and vetted.  Click here to learn more.


I have purchased components from Amazon or another online retailer and need tech support

We can only offer personal tech support via email on products purchased through  If you’ve purchased from Amazon or any other retailer; please reach out to them for tech support.

I have a general question about DIY campers or off grid electrical systems


Here are some resources to get your questions answered.

First:  97% of the time, the answers to your questions have been answered by a dedicated video or blog post.  So check for a video or blog post about your questions there:

If this/these questions are in regards to ‘how’ to wire a system together, We have diagrams available that meet the needs of 95% of people.
We also have full install videos for some of these systems here: 
If you can’t find a video we’ve made talking about your specific questions, we STRONGLY encourage you to browse the comments section of our videos or blog posts as we’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours answering THOUSANDS of questions, and we’re starting to think that there isn’t a question out there that we haven’t answered in the comments section of one of our videos or blog posts.  So we recommend spending some time reading through those.

If you still can’t find the answer to your question.  It’s VITAL to read the manual of the piece of equipment you have a question on.  Most of the time; the manufacturer has told you how to wire/install/program something, and it’s all inside of the user manual.  For example…  A common question we get is asking if a 200-300Ah battery bank will work with a Victron Multiplus 3k 12V.  The answer to that question is on Pg. 8 of the user manual as Victron makes a specific minimum battery bank size recommendation there.  So… read the manual.

Having trouble with an order or with a component purchased through  Submit an order ticket here:  

Having trouble with a component purchased elsewhere?  Contact the place you purchased the component from for tech support.

Still can’t find the answer to your question?  If you’ve exhausted all of the above resources we’ve made available to your; feel free to ask your questions in the comments section of a related blog post or youtube channel and add to the crowdsourced info bank below each of the blog posts.  Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of questions we get, we can’t guarantee we’ll answer your question, but we do spend HOURS every week responding to comments.  Here are a few tips to have the best chance of getting your questions answered:
  1. Number your questions.  This makes responding to multi-part questions much faster on our end.
  2. End your questions with a question mark so I know what you are specifically asking about.
  3. Give us enough info about your system to actually answer your question.  A question like “My system isn’t working. Why not?” will go unanswered 100% of the time.
  4. Ask your question on Sunday morning at 5am MST on one of our Youtube Videos.  New Videos go out at 5am MST and we are generally awake and answering questions.  Questions that get asked while we are actively answering questions and follow the above three rules have the highest chance of getting answered in a semi-timely fashion.
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